Rental Terms

User Information 

The rented vehicle can be used only by the person/s stated on the rental agreement and the delivery form. No damage guarantees will be applicable in case any damages are caused as a result of the vehicle's use by any third person/s that are not stated in the agreement. If you wish to add new drivers you can purchase an "Additional Driver” service at our offices. Maximum 5 additional drivers can be defined for every vehicle. Vehicles are rented based on the age and years of license as defined for the vehicle groups. In the event that these requirements are not met, you can rent the vehicle in question by purchasing the "Young Driver Service Pack” and according to the limitations of the pack. The Young Driver Service Pack includes the "Super Maximum Guarantee" service. Please contact our reservations center or offices to learn about the prices of the Additional Driver and Young Driver services.

Age and Years of License
Details regarding the required minimum driver's age and minimum years of license for the vehicle groups are given in the table below. The given requirements are applicable to both the renting driver and the additional driver/s

  Vehicle Group Description Vehicle Group Min. Years of Drivers' License Min. Age (comp.) Min. Years of Young Driver's License Min. Age (compl.) of Young Driver
Economy E, B, Z, O, Q 1 21 1 20
Economy Plus A 2 23 1 21
Medium C, D, G, H, I, K, X
Attractive Plus J,Y 3 25 2 23
SUV Plus  T
Full size F
Premium P, U, V 5 30 3 27
Lüks L



Rental Period

The minimum rental periods are 24 hours on daily basis and 23 days on monthly basis.

Late return:

  • If the vehicle is returned 2 hours or more later than the booked time, 1/3 of the current rental charge;
  • If the vehicle is returned 3 hours or more later than the booked time, 2/3 of the current rental charge;

If the vehicle is returned 4 hours or more later than the booked time, the daily charge applicable for the day will be added to your rental agreement and charged to your credit card.


Please return the vehicle with the same level of fuel as supplied at pick-up. If the vehicle is returned with less fuel than when picked-up, a service charge of 40% will be calculated over the missing fuel.

Vehicle Drop-off

Drop-off at Office:

A "One way" charge will be applied if you wish to return the vehicle to an office located in a province different from the one you picked-up.

Pick-up and Drop-off at a location:

Our service for pick-up and drop-off at a location of your choosing can be provided depending on the availability of our offices. Please contact the branch.

Insurances and Guarantees

Our vehicle insurance plans vary depending on the campaigns and prices. Details of the insurance plan are stated in your agreement and the delivery form. Please contact our reservations center or our renting office to learn about the charges and limits for any additional insurances that you may require. Details of the insurances and guarantees that are provided as service are given below.


  • Mini Damage Insurance: Offers the benefit of repair based on renter’s declaration for damages up to 1.500 TL.
  • Super Mini Damage Insurance: Offers the benefit of repair based on renter’s declaration for damages up to 3.000 TL.
  • Super Mini Damage Plus Insurance: Provides repair with a tenant's declaration for one-sided damages up to 4,000 TL including VAT.
  • Maximum Assurance Insurance: Covers Personal Accident, Mini Damage, 3rd Party Insurance.
  • Super Maximum Assurance Insurance: Covers Personal Accident, Super Mini Damage, 3rd Party Insurance .
  • Super Maximum Assurance Plus Insurance: Covers Personal Accident, Super Mini Damage Plus, 3rd Party Insurance.
  • Liability Insurance Against Third Parties: In addition to the compulsory financial liability (traffic) insurance, it is the insurance covering the damages within the limits determined against third parties.
  • Personal Accident Insurance: Covers the driver and the passengers within the limits of the insurance plan.

You can purchase the below products and services in addition to your vehicle rental. Please contact our reservations center or our offices for price details and further information.

  • Child Seat and Height Adjuster
  • Navigation
  • Pick-up and Drop-off at a location of your choosing
  • Young Driver Service
  • Additional Driver Service


Traffic Tickets

Payment of any traffic fines issued as a result of non-compliance to traffic rules (including entering the wrong toll lane on bridges or motorways) and a service charge will be charged to the credit card of the renting person stated in the agreement.

Rent Contract General Conditions

Click here for Rent Contract General Conditions.

Vehicle Groups Mileage Limits

You can purchase the below products and services in addition to your vehicle rental. Please contact our reservations center or our offices for price details and further information. In case the rental duration exceeds 23 days, rental transforms into monthly rental.

Vehicle Group 


Vehicle Group  Daily KM Limit   Monthly KM Limit   Excess KM Fee (TL) 
 Economy  E, O, B, X, N, Q, Z, R  500 KM   4000 KM      1,45 TL 
 Economy Plus   A 
 Medium Eco  C 
 Medium  B3  , H  , I  , D  , G    1,95 TL 
 SUV Eco K2
 K  3000 KM 
 M2    2,55 TL 
 SUV   S, M 
 Large  F 
 Attractive Plus   R5, J    3,25 TL 
 SUV Plus   T
 Minibus   W  3,95 TL 
 Lux, Premium    L, U, P, Y, V 



Payment Terms and Security

The guarantee amount will be charged in advance at the beginning of the rental period to the personal credit card of the renter together with the vehicle rental fee and the fees of any additional products and services. Any differences calculated in the amount at the end of the rental period will be charged or refunded to the same credit card. The renter is required to check-in in person, and credit cards of the additional drivers or other persons will not be accepted.

Guarantee Charge:

Apart from the vehicle rental fee, guarantee amounts ranging from 1.000 TL to 4.000 TL as defined for vehicle groups are charged to the personal credit card of the renter at the beginning of the rental period. The amount charged as guarantee will be refunded latest in 7 days if the vehicle is returned in the same condition as delivered.


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Changing Reservations and Rental Agreement Changes

“Pay now” and “Pay later” options:

In your “Pay Now” or “Pay Later” bookings you can change your vehicle group selection or your reservation dates, and add or remove additional products, but you cannot change your pick-up office selection. Some changes may cause price differences. To change the pick-up office, please cancel the reservation and make a new reservation for the desired office. However, the prices of the canceled reservation will not be applicable to the new reservation.

Early Drop-off:

In the event that the vehicle is returned earlier than the booked date after being picked-up, the price will be recalculated based on the number of days the vehicles was used. If this amount is less than the collected amount, the difference will be refunded. If this amount is more than the collected amount, no extra charges will be transacted.

Extension of Rental Period:

In the event that an extension is requested in the booking period after the starting date of the rental period, the price will be recalculated by the system, and the additional amount will be charged to the renter's credit card defined at the beginning of the rental period.


If the booked vehicle is not picked-up at the reserved time, the reservation will be considered a no-show one hour after the reserved pick-up time and availability of a vehicle in any vehicle group cannot be guaranteed. In case of no-show, your booking will be canceled two hours after the reserved pick-up time.

Cancellation and Refund:

A booking can be canceled until 1 hour before the reserved time on the date of the booking, in which case no fees will be charged. 

When you wish to cancel your reservation under conditions other than the above, a cancellation fee will be charged in the amount of the first day. This amount is indicated in the information email sent to subsequent to your booking. Payable amounts for each day are listed in the vehicle payment details section of this email.

Important Information


  • All fees related to the rental of the vehicle will be charged to the personal credit card of the renter. Bank cards, virtual cards, or debit cards are not accepted.
  • To be able to use your insurance coverage in the event of any damages, you must report the incident by calling the Emergency Hotline and inform the Traffic Police or the Traffic Gendarmerie without moving the vehicle from the site of the incident, and obtain a "Police Report with Breath Test Report." In accidents that result in material damage, the drivers involved in the accident may fill out a “Traffic Collision Report” by agreement if they mutually consent on the conditions of the incident.
  • In case of a vehicle theft, the police should be contacted to obtain a "Theft report." The theft report should be returned to us together with the vehicle's keys.
  • In case of any mishap, such as an accident, theft, failure, flat tire, or in case you need any emergency assistance, you can call our 'Emergency Hotline' which provides services across Turkey 24/7 at 0850 222 5 478.
  • Traveling out of Turkey While our insurances are not valid outside of Turkey, it is forbidden to take our vehicles out of the country. Please check your delivery form and agreement.
  • Reservations are confirmed for a vehicle group without a guarantee for a specific make and/or model.
  • The renter agrees and confirms to pay for any harms and damages including any mechanic and electric harms and damages caused by misuse and/or carelessness, recklessness, etc. (without being limited to and including transmission failure due to faulty gear changing, damages caused due to persistence in driving despite a warning alert, damages caused by hitting the bottom of the vehicle, damaging the tires and wheel or any other parts, damages and harms caused by fuel, etc.) in the vehicle that the renter has taken delivery of in rugged and good condition. Such harms and damages, including those of mechanical and electrical nature, are not covered under the vehicle insurance policy or under guarantees.
  • Winter tires are optional and subject to additional charge. Availability of winter tires are limited to stocks and vary by regions and offices.
  • To be able to finalize your booking and take delivery of the vehicle, your financial analysis* must match the criteria set forth by GarentaDAY. Your renting office to get your financial analysis.
  • *”Your financial analysis can be made on with your Turkish ID number and your mobile phone number registered in Turkish banks. Once the data is queried and retrieved, you will be prompted to confirm the text message sent to your mobile phone number.”

Class Vehicle Group Findeks Score
Ekonomi B, E, N, R, O, Z, X 800
Ekonomi Plus A
Orta Eko C
Orta D, G, H, I
Suv Eko K
Attractive Plus J, Y 1200
Suv S
Suv Plus T
Suv Sport M
Büyük F
Premium P 1400
Lux U, V
Elite L



Monthly rentals require submission of a document such as an invoice confirming your address.