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Rent a Car in Adana: Experience The City Surrounded by Rivers to the Fullest

Adana is a stunning region of Turkey that is well-known for its vibrant surroundings, historical landmarks and lively atmosphere! This makes it one of the very best places to visit when you venture to Turkey! As this region offers so much to see and do, we would highly recommend looking into hiring a car while you are enjoying your visit to Adana. As there are many places to visit in Adana by car, a car rental offers the opportunity to explore both the city and the stunning natural surroundings that make this city so unique. Being able to hop in your own vehicle and venture to all the most wonderful sites will ensure that you have the very best time exploring the places to visit in Adana by car. There are tons of places to visit in Adana by car and we are going to explore a few reasons why you should visit these destinations.

Rent a Car in Adana: What Kind of a Car Should You Rent?

When you rent a car in Adana, you are going to want to consider who you are travelling with and where you are going. Those who are travelling with their families may want to consider getting a larger vehicle to accommodate their numbers. This will ensure that while venturing to new and exciting places in Adana, no matter how far out they may be, everyone will be comfortable! If you are in Adana for work or are just a couple travelling through the region, you may want to consider a more compact car. Smaller cars are easier to manoeuvre through narrow streets and are easier to park in. When you rent a car in Adana, be sure to consider this!

What Should You Know About Adana Travel Routes?

There are many places to visit in Adana by car! The following is a brief look into what there is to know about the travel routes through this city when you rent a car in Adana.

  • Traffic: Adana is a large city and like any other metropolitan area, it can experience heavy traffic at peak times, especially during rush hour in the mornings and evenings when people are commuting to and from work. Generally, the weekends are less busy in certain parts of the city, but this may vary depending on where you go and what you are doing.

  • Parking: In the city centre and other busy areas, paid parking lots and garages are available for drivers to park their vehicles. These parking lots are usually managed by the local municipality or private companies, and fees may vary depending on the location and duration of the parking. With so many places to visit in Adana by car, remember to consider parking!

  • Road conditions: The main highways and major roads in Adana are generally well-maintained and in good condition, but some smaller streets and rural roads may be less well-maintained and may have potholes or other obstacles that can make driving more difficult. As you may have places to visit in Adana by car, be sure to look at the conditions of the roads.

When you rent a car in Adana, taking the above into consideration is important! With different levels of traffic at different times, doing research beforehand is recommended!

What Are the Places to Visit in Adana By Car, Which Stands Out With Its Natural Beauties?

There are various places to visit in the centre of Adana! This beautiful city has a lot to offer and being able to rent a car in Adana will mean that you will have easy access to them all. The following is a look at a few of the places to visit in Adana by car!

Among the Favourites of Both Domestic and Foreign Tourists: Seyhan

For nature lovers, Seyhan offers a variety of outdoor activities, such as hiking, bird-watching, and picnicking in the nearby parks and forests. In addition to the many cultural and natural attractions, Seyhan is known for its delicious cuisine, which includes traditional dishes such as Adana kebab, a spicy grilled meat dish, and şalgam, a fermented turnip juice. Visitors can sample these and other local specialities at the district's many restaurants and cafes. The location of this region and the lack of public transportation means that you may need to rent a car in Adana!

Dazzling with its Historical and Natural Beauties: Çukurova

Çukurova is a region that is well-known for its diverse and stunning landscape, as well as its rich cultural and historical heritage. One of the most famous natural attractions in Çukurova is the Cukurova Delta, which is home to a variety of rare bird species and other wildlife. The delta also features lush wetlands and forests, as well as scenic hiking trails and boating opportunities. When you rent a car in Adana, this beautiful destination is easy to reach.

The City Where You Can Find Traces of Various Civilizations: Ceyhan

If you are looking for places to visit in cities close to Adana, you are going to want to visit Ceyhan! You can explore the various civilisations that once ruled this area and see tons of historical landmarks that will leave you in awe. If you are able to rent a car in Adana, this spot would be a highly recommended place to visit.

Get Away from the Chaos of the City with Your Car: Where are the Places to Visit Near Adana?

There are tons of places to visit near Adana where you can escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy a break in nature. Garenta offers Adana daily car rentals that will ensure you have access to a vehicle for your adventure into the wilderness! The following is a brief look at some of the best places to visit in Adana by car.

Enjoy Summer at Adana Beaches: Yumurtalık and Karataş

If you are after natural places to visit in Adana, Yumurtalık and Karataş beaches should be on your itinerary. When you rent a car in Adana, you will be able to easily access these two stunning beaches and enjoy all that they have to offer. Yumurtalık Beach beach is known for its crystal-clear waters and beautiful scenery, with mountains and greenery in the background. Karataş Beach is known for its long stretch of sandy shoreline and calm waters, which make it a great spot for swimming and sunbathing. As some of the best beaches and places to visit in Adana by car, these two spots should be on your itinerary.

For History Lovers: Organise a Cultural Trip to Osmaniye

When you rent a car in Adana, you will be able to venture to many historical sites! One of the most popular historical places to visit in Adana is Osmaniye. One of the most important historical sites in Osmaniye is the Karatepe-Aslantas Open Air Museum. This ancient site dates back to the 8th century BC and features impressive relics and inscriptions. The museum also houses a collection of artefacts from the Hittite and Assyrian periods, as well as a reconstructed Hittite temple. As one of the top places to visit in Adana by car, we would highly recommend this spot!

Explore Adana Comfortably With Garenta Car Rental!

With Adana monthly car rental options, you can rent a vehicle for as long as you need it! Being able to rent a car in Adana ensures that you will be able to see and do all that you want to while visiting this magnificent region. With the option to rent a car at Adana airport and with many different places to visit in Adana by car, Garenta has got your holiday transportation covered. For more information on our offers, be sure to visit an office nearest to you or enquire online.