www.garenta.com.tr How-to Guide

Visit www.garenta.com.tr to book your car.

Selecting the Car

The first step in booking your car is to select the type of vehicle you would like to rent. You can do so by using the booking engine on the home page or on the campaigns pages of the website.

Select the GarentaDAY branch office/s and the dates you wish to pick-up and drop-off the car, then press the “Search” button.

This will display a list of the carsavailable at the selected branch office between the defined dates. Specify your preferred payment method by checking “Pay now” (to pay at the time of reservation) or “Pay later” (to pay when picking up the vehicle), and move to the next step to select additional products, and to enter your user and billing information.

Changing Your Car Selection

To change the dates or the GarentaDAY branch offices you wish to pick-up and drop-off your vehicle, click the “Modify” button at the top of the page, enter the new information and press the “Search” button. You can specify your new selection using the displayed cars list.

Selecting Additional Products

Once you select the vehicle, the payment page will be displayed where you can specify any additional products and insurance plans you wish to purchase. The daily rental fee for the car that you chose will be calculated by multiplying the daily fee by the number of booked days. The same applies to the additional products.

Using the Additional Products section on the Payments page you can change the quantity of your products and view the total payable (VAT inclusive) amount including the car rental fee and the additional products.

Entering User, Billing and Payment Information

Information of the person who will rent the vehicle is required at the time of reservation.

If your billing address is different from your personal address, you can enter these separately as “Personal” and “Corporate” under the Billing Information section. Please enter your billing details correct and complete to make sure that your invoice is issued accurately.

Entering Your Payment Information

To complete your order, select your preferred type of payment, fill-in the required payment details and press the “Confirm” button. This will take you to the Order Summary page.

Viewing the Order Summary Page and Confirming Your Order

On the Payment page you will be prompted to review your billing address, your additional products and their quantities, and payment type. Once you verify this information read the Pricing and Rental Terms and Conditions, and confirm your order.

Please check the box at the bottom of the Payment page to confirm the Pricing and Rental Terms and Conditions, then press “Confirm.”

Completing Your Order

Once you have correctly entered your payment details, a new page will confirm that your order is completed. Here you will find your reservation number. Your order details will also be sent to your email address.